Amazon Affiliate Program – My Review

Amazon is enormous and sells virtually everything.’s affiliate program is versatile and accessible to beginners. Because of the vast inventory available on Amazon, you will be able to find relevant products to promote on your website or blog, no matter how obscure the topic.

 How does it work?

Here’s the gist. You link to Amazon products on your website and blog, using a special link that identifies your affiliate account to them. Amazon has a straightforward user interface which makes it easy to create the links. In fact, you can create links easily from every single product page on Amazon, using a tool at the top of the page.

Amazon also gives you the option to include blocks of ads based on both what you recommend on your site, and your readers’ interests. These are called “Native Ads”.  These ad blocks can be placed anywhere on your website – below pages, between paragraphs, on the side.

Now here’s the good part…

If a reader clicks any of your Amazon links and doesn’t buy the product you recommended, but does move on to buy, say, a new laptop battery, some condoms, and a new pair of shoes, you get commission on that purchase. Whatever it is. Amazon “remembers” your affiliate ID for 24 hours, so you get commission even if the person goes online on that computer later that day and buys something.

How Much Does Amazon Affiliate Pay?

Amazon just changed their commission structure March 1, 2017. They used to offer different percentages based on volume sold, but now they offer fixed commission rates based on different categories of goods. Here are the current commission rates:

This looks low at first, especially if you’re only promoting low-cost items. But think about the potential for high traffic websites with thousands of your visitors clicking over to Amazon and earning you commissions, or even just a few commissions on expensive items (like 7% of a $10,000 engagement ring)…you can see that it will add up.

News: in April 2017, Amazon is offering a 12% flat commission on all sales. That should be motivation for ANY blogger out there to improve site traffic and get to selling the bajeezus out of that great niche of yours!

Amazon Affiliate Bounties

Bounties is a cool word, isn’t it? Amazon also pays you to promote other areas of their site, such as Prime services, Amazon Music, and Amazon Video (see below).  You get a dollar amount bounty when people sign up for a free trial – usually $3 or $5. Sweet deal!

Overall – Is Amazon Affiliate How to Make Money Online for Free?  Yes.

Anyone monetizing a website or blog needs to have an Affiliate account. It’s a no-brainer. It’s one of the easy ways to make money online at affiliate marketing, because Amazon is so easy to use. You do need to apply for an account, but most people get approved, and. there are no membership fees.

Thoughts or questions on the Amazon Affiliates program? Please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!


  1. I think the Amazon Associates program truly seems like a great way to make money through a blog. 🙂

    Although the commission percentages don’t seem high, if you sell enough products for Amazon, the commissions can add up, generating a good sized monthly income.

    Yeah, it also pretty sweet that Amazon also pays counties for trials. But one question I have is do Amazon pay you “recurring” annual commissions when somebody becomes a full paying member of something Like Amazon video or Prime?


    1. Hi Neil, thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately pays out once for the bounty, and not recurring cuts of the monthly membership fees for those services. The same applies for subscriptions: you are only paid for the initial purchase of the item. Section 2(f) of the delightful fine print of their Affiliate Agreement covers this. That said, if you have enough people converting through your business to Amazon and making purchases, you can get in on the action and make money over time!

  2. I agree that Amazon Associates is an excellent affiliate program due to the vast number of products offered and their name recognition as a legitimate commerce site. I know there are some states that do not allow residents to signup for the program however. What other affiliate programs would you recommend for those that are ineligible to sign up for Amazon Associates?

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for the comment and question! There are many different other affiliate programs out there, but Ebay’s is probably the most comparable to Amazon. There are also affiliate networks, like ShareASale and Rakuten, from which you can create affiliate partnerships with some of your favorite specific retailers. More reviews of these affiliate programs are on the way in days to come!

  3. Everyone I knows buys off of Amazon. And my mom even started buying food from them! The fact that Amazon will give you a percentage of ALL sales within that 24 hour window makes up for the low commission amounts (in my opinion anyway). Plus they’ve got one of the largest section of products our there. You can always find something good to promote!

    Which do you think is a better way to drive sales: promoting an individual product, or using the blocks of targeted ads?

    1. Hi Nick, thanks for the feedback! It’s definitely an asset that you make commission on whatever your reader ends up buying on Amazon that day. I think most of us shop pretty aggressively on there so makes sense. My preference is to promote individual products on Amazon, but blocks of targeted ads also get clicks too. Try it out!

  4. I am a happy amazon associate. Glad I stumbled here because I want to see what other people think about it. I like it. I love how if the person clicks on your link and happens to buy something totally unrelated to your product on your site, then you still get the commission. The only thing I wish was better was their commission rates. But that will most likely not change because Amazon is huge and doesn’t need to implement high commission rates to get affiliates. Oh well, I am happy. Also, people trust amazon so if you are promoting a product from amazon, then people will see this and likely click because they have bought something from amazon before. There is line of trust there. Thanks for your input. I totally agree.

    1. Thanks for the great comment – I am right there with you on wishing the commissions were bigger, but over time it can really add up! And buyer trust is so important especially for ecommerce.

  5. This is really great info. I use Amazon associates also and I’m really happy with it. I’ve seen sales that have nothing to do with what I’m promoting, which is great! I also use Shareasale, but I’m not too happy with that as sales aren’t as good as Amazon. Thank you for the review!

    1. I agree – people just don’t shop as much from Shareasale. I dunno if it’s a consumer trust issue, or just the popularity of Amazon outweighs the popularity of any of these direct vendors. But yeah, I’m thrilled with being an Amazon affiliate !

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